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The goal of Jupazza is to help you to live a healthier lifestyle by working with you to create an organic garden in your yard or by allowing you to rent a plot on our farm.  Either way, you are on your way to eating healthier and sharing the experience of harvesting your own vegetables knowing that they are grown organically.   This is a great learning experience for families that will help develop a love for gardening and the ability to become self-sufficient.



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Garden Setup and Consultation Services

It is a lot of work growing your own garden, believe us, we know.  It can be a challenge even for an experienced gardener.  We will help you design your garden for success in your own yard, including location, plant recommendations, layout, functionality, and more.  We will work directly with you to determine your needs from seeds, plants, growing methods, harvesting season, weed and pest identification, and more.  We can also help supply the necessary initial design tools, including rototiller usage, if desired. 

  • Initial Consultation  (one hour minimum time spent onsite) - $50

  • “As Needed”  Onsite Consultation  and Seed Starting/Saving Strategies - $25 per 30 minutes (charged in 30 minute increments)

Garden Plot Rental 

There's nothing quite like having a helping hand in learning and maintaining your organic garden, even if you don't have the space or a sunny spot.  We have great spots for you to start a garden and you are in complete control about what you'd like

to grow.  We'll help you get started, including planning, seed starting/transplanting, and the initial tilling.  The outcome will be based on the work that you put in.  Bring the family to help out!  It's a great way to spend family time together and we will help you all of the way, including tools, advice, and possibly organic seedlings.  I always grow plenty from seed in our greenhouse and if I have any to provide, we can find a way to help you with your needs.  Your monthly rate is based on a commitment of utilizing the plot for the entire growing season, with a minimum of 6-months of commitment.

  • $25 per month per 20' X 20' plot.  $45 for a 30' X 30' plot.  Plot rental is for personal use only with a maximum of a 20' X 20' plot per family. Must prepay for the season by May 1st and commit to at least a 6 month growing season.